Our continued focus on minimalist, modern innovation keeps our products in the forefront of contemporary architecture and technology, while retaining the simplicity of low maintanance From huge sliding door panels to automated pocket doors, hidden threshold to coastal weather performance, huge window-walls to moving walls of multi slide panels, curved fixed windows to bent sliding doors, energy efficient windows and doors to custom anodized and custom painted finishes-we offer it all.

Our aluminium doors & windows are of premium quality and are highly demanded by all. The quality of our doors and windows is exquisite and is unmatchable to all others. We specialize in wholesale aluminium doors and windows offer prolific deals in it. We also supply our doors and windows at very reasonable prices for everyone to avail them easily.

We specializes doors and windows for high rise building complexes. We also deliver our products within the stipulated time avoiding all delays we have in house sufficient stock all the times in hand including some special kind of series for all kinds of architectural building products. We have also positioned ourselves as one of the renowned aluminum doors and windows manufacturer and suppliers in Bahrain.

Curtain Wall & Structural Glazing | Aluminium Cladding | Aluminium Doors | Aluminium Windows | Aluminium Hand Railing and Balustrades | Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobes | Skylights | Conservatory | Automatic Doors

Curtain Wall & Structural Glazing

Design options

Low to high rise curtain walls

Structural sealant glazing

BG beaded glazing

Sloped and faceted facades

Atrium roofs ribbon glazing concealed vents

Aluminium Cladding


We specialize in supplying and installing aluminium composite panel cladding and other specified cladding materials. The work is done for all kind of internal as well as external applications. We provide services for :

Wall cladding

Facades and roof edging

Commercial Interior decoration

Tunnel linings

Displays and Exhibition stands

Aluminium Doors


Specialize in fabrication and installation of all types of aluminium doors

Hinged Door, Swing Door, Sliding Door Etc.

Aluminium Windows


Specialize in fabrication and installation of all types of aluminium windows.

Sliding Window, Tilt and Turn Window, Bottom Hung Window, Top Hung Window, Hanged Window Etc.

Aluminium Hand Railing and Balustrades

Specialize in fabrication and installation of all types of aluminium staircase handrails and balustrades.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobes Etc.



Specialize in fabrication and installation of sky light.



Specialize in conservatory designing, fabrication and installation
Automatic Doors


Specialize in automatic doors designing, fabrication and installation.


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